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Warrior Breath Workshops for PTSD – Yogic Breathing

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Project Welcome Home Troops provides training in trauma-relief practices to veterans and their families. Sponsored by the International Association for Human Values, (IAHV), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, humanitarian organization. IAHV has created and delivered service programs to millions of people from all walks of life, benefiting a wide range of social, economic and educational needs. Providing trauma relief has been a cornerstone of IAHV’s work including training thousands of individuals with PTSD in unique and highly effective stress-reduction programs.

The workshop teaches participants to perform a specialized set of breathing practices. They provide the greatest benefit when practiced regularly as a daily routine. They can also be used anytime to reduce anxiety, depression or emotional upset. Over time, regular practice promotes an accelerated calming response whenever the breath-work is initiated.

The workshop typically consists of 6 classes meeting 2½ -3 hours per day. After the workshop, participants are provided weekly group sessions which brings added benefit and supports their individual practice. Group sessions also allow participants to share their experiences with each another.

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Emma Seppala a PhD candidate at the Stanford Psychophysiology Lab  (PI: James Gross) states, “In sum, the studies mentioned provide preliminary evidence for the effectiveness of SKY practice on psycho-physiological indicators of stress and well-being. Although most of the studies conducted on SKY to date are pilot studies and therefore relatively small, effect sizes have been large and have reached statistical significance.”

If you are interested in the practice of Warrior Breath and how to incorporate it into your life or your studies, contact Emma at the Gross Lab HERE

The workshop was reported on in the article in the Stanford Daily May 17, 2007 HERE and a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry HERE.

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