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Conferences on Contemplative Science

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Here is a growing list of International Contemplative Science/Studies conferences each year:

1. International Symposia for Contemplative Studies  – Sponsored by The Mind & Life Institute

2012: [Link] 2015: [Link]

2. The Mind and Life Summer Research Institute  – Sponsored by The Mind & Life Institute

2012: [Link]

3. Zen Brain  – Sponsored by Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, NM

2013: [Link]

4. Compassion Festival and Conference  – Sponsored by CCARE

Focusing on the basic science of compassion, approaches to enhancing compassion, and the benefits compassion can afford to health, well-being and psychosocial function

2012: [Link]

5. Mindfulness Conferences – Sponsored by FACES

2012: [Link]

6. Mindfulness: Foundation for Teaching and Learning – Sponsored by the Mindfulness in Education Network

2012: [Link]

7. Developmental Contemplative Science – Sponsored by the 1440 and Impact Foundations

2012: [Link]

8. Advances in Meditation Research

2013: [Link] 2015: [Link]

9. International Association of Yoga Therapists – IAYT

2015: [Link]

10. International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM)

2013: [Link] 2016: [Link]

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