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The Polish Mindfulness Association conference on Practical Application of Buddhism in Western Psychology

Brigham and Women's Hospital

A Conference on Mindfulness and its practical applications will be held in Warsaw, Poland November 26-28th, 2008.

The Conference is meant to be the platform of inspiration for scientific research, workshops, and training programmes on mindfulness and other Buddhist techniques. That is why the term practical application has been used instead of theoretical and philosophical concepts of psychology and Buddhism.

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  1. Lokapriya Barua says:

    Respected Dharma Brother/Sister,

    Good Day.
    Having gone through your web-site we have come to know that you are organizing A Conference on Mindfulness and its practical applications will be held in Warsaw, Poland November 26-28th, 2008
    We introduce ourselves as one of the pioneering Buddhist organization namely Bangladesh Bouddha Juba Parishad which is non-profit, non-sectarian, socio-economic, cultural, religious and peace propagation center designed to serve the cause of our sacred religion and to uphold the sanctity of suffering humanity. Since inception in the year 1967 we have been conducting Inter-religious teachings, arranging seminar, conference, meeting, workshop time to time for the propagation of the peace elsewhere in the world. We exhorts let one cultivate boundless compassion, wisdom and loving kindness towards all sentient beings.
    We take initiative and endeavor to establish relationships with the people of diverse cultural and religious background for the promotion of International brotherhood to contribute to peace elsewhere in the world.
    Our representatives very often participated in the International peace and religious conference both at home and abroad. Myself and our
    representatives also attended 5th,6th,7th & 8th Annual Gathering Ceremony for World Peace in Allanton Sanctuary, Dumfries, Scotland,UK . 2(two)of our representatives visited U.S.A in late July 2004 and attended World Peace Flag Hoisting Ceremony organized by the World Peace Prayer Society. In February 2004, Ias General Secretary of Bangladesh Bouddha Juba Parishad, Chittagong attended conference in Seoul, South Korea alongwith our Chairman. Two of our representatives have attended 7th Annual World Peace Flage Hoisting Ceremony in Allanton Sanctuary, Scotland U.K held on 19th June 2004. Myself and another member attended attended 8th Annual World Peace Flag Hoisting Ceremony and Annual Prayer Gathering for World Peace in Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland, U.K held on 18th June 2006. In December 30th 2004 I have attended 2nd World Buddhist Summit in Lumbini, Nepal (from Bangladesh Bauddha Juba arishad) and also visited Sydney, Australia in last May 3rd to 5th
    May, 2005 to attend International Conference “Restorative Practices and Family Empowerment”. As I am Secretary General of Bangladesh Bouddha Juba Parishad, National Committee, attended Dharma initiation and Inter religious Meeting in Florance, Italy in last 28th to 30th July, 2007.

    Since inception delegates of our organization attended conferences, seminar, workshop organized by different organization both at Home and Abroad.

    In view of the above, we hope you will kindly consider to select us for sending our representatives like Buddhist Monk and Lay Buddhist for joining upcoming events.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    With metta,

    Lokapriya Barua

    Secretary General

    Bangladesh Bouddha Juba Parishad

    National Committee


    Phone: +880 1554 324206

    AOH: +880 31 612608

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