Contemplative Neurosciences Research

fMRI and Meditation

Brigham and Women's Hospital


Learn to Meditate? Learn Techniques for Reducing Stress? Get Your Brain Scanned?




We invite you to come participate in a two-week research study of Mindfulness meditation

and functional neuroimaging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Participants will receive:

o Two weeks of mindfulness meditation training as outlined by renowned mindfulness master Shinzen Young!

o Compensation of up to $175 for completing the study

Study Involves:

Up to four visits totaling 8 hours including brain scanning with functional magnetic resonance imaging, cognitive testing, blood collection, and completion of questionnaires at the beginning and end of the meditation training.

No medications, radiation, or major invasive procedures

Participants must be:

o Physically and mentally healthy

o Age 18-55

o Have no metallic implants o Not claustrophobic


If interested, please contact:

OR call (617) 732-9116

Partners Human Research Committee
APPROVAL Effective Date

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