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Brigham and Women's Hospital

Contemplative Practices and Mental Training: Prospects for American Education

The Mind and Life Education Research Group met regularly for 4 years (2007-2011) to create a research agenda for contemplative education. A scholarly white paper manifested as a result drawing on research in neuroscience, cognitive science, developmental psychology, and education, as well as scholarship from contemplative traditions concerning the cultivation of positive development, to highlight a set of mental…
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$1 million for Vedic education program at U of Massachusetts

August 17, 2008 $1 Million Endowment at UMass Dartmouth to Leverage Super Accelerated Learning Techniques from Vedic Traditions for 21st Century Education On Friday, August 15, as Indian students and community celebrated India’s independence day UMass Dartmouth announced that the Three Rs Foundation has pledged $1 million to support the university’s Center for Indic Studies…
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